Smile Family

Protection program for your family


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With the insurance program Smile Family you prove your love for your family and the people who financially depend on you.

Smile Family offers insurance cover during the most productive period of your life, having a family and financial exposure.

Therefore, in case of total permanent disability by accident, you ensure your income’s replenishment, while in case of loss of life due to illness or accident, your family will receive the capital that you have predicted in advance.

What are the benefits to you?
  • financial reinforcement for you and your family
  • preserving level of life for you as well as your family, even in the worst scenarios
  • ensure of a necessary capital for credit card repayments, loans and other financial obligations (inheritance taxes etc.)
  • a customised insurance cover: you choose the insured capital, the duration and the frequency of payments


How much does it cost?

The monthly payment is consisted by the age and the durtion of the program. Therefor for €60.000 insured capital, the monthly payment will be: 



15 years

20 years

25 years

30 y.o.




35 y.o.




40 y.o.




45 y.o.




How can you pay for your premiums?
  • By direct debit of your bank account at Alpha Bank
  • By credit card installments