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For enterprises: Smile Business


Protection Program for the business owner, the executives and the company’s “key persons”

Smile Business is a protection program which covers either the business owner or one or more of its "key executives" / "key persons" (partners) of the company in case of loss of life or total permanent disability by accident or illness.

It is addressed to all types of enterprises regardless of their legal form (Personal, GP, Ltd, SA) size and sector of activity.

What are the benefits to you?
  • protection of the business: by ensuring the continuation of its operation (liabilities payback etc.)
  • protection of the family by any financial “commitments”, securing the level of life of the family’s members after an unexpected incident and facilitation / mitigation by possible conveyance charges, liabilities, death – duties etc
  • customised insurance cover: it is upon your convenience to choose the insured capital, the person to be covered, the duration of the program and the frequency of payments

How much does it cost?

The insurance premium (semi-annual or annual) is calculated upon the insured person’s sex, the duration, the age and the insured capital.

Indicative example with €100.000 insured capital. The semi-annual insurance premium is calculated upon the age as follows:




Insured Age

10 years

15 years

30 y.o.



35 y.o.



40 y.o.



How can you pay for your premiums?
  • By direct debit of your bank account at Alpha Bank
  • By credit card installments