Sponsorship Policy


Crédit Agricole Life has adopted the parental Crédit Agricole Assurances Group’s commitment  for active participation and contribution to the Greek society. In this section you will find information for sponsoring applications regarding sponsorship actions, initiatives and/or other activities.

In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Crédit Agricole Life is active in the below sectors:

Culture, Society, Sports, Environment, and Education.

In order to evaluate, accept and proceed with a donation the applicant should be:
1.  A Legal Public or Private Entity (Ν.Π.Δ.Δ. Ν.Π.Ι.Δ.), or
2. Non Governmental Organization (ΜΚΟ) 

In the application form, the below information should be stated:
1. The entity’s data (Registered Trademark, VAT number, Tax Office, Members of the Board
    of  Directors)
2. Description of the action/ service to which the application for donation refers
3. The budget required
4. Reciprocating benefits –if there are any- to our company if accepting the application.  

1. e-mail: info@ca-life.gr
2. correspondence:  Crédit Agricole Life, Filellinon 25, 105 57 Athens, Commercial

All applications for actions, activities and events of the current year are accepted during the year.
All applications are evaluated and answered in written.



-     Crédit Agricole Life’s participation in the 5th Greece Race for the Cure, on Sunday 29th of September 2013. A dynamic group of 15 employees corresponded to the Greek Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” and participated to the 5klm run  and 2klmwalk. .  

 -     December 2012: Financial support to those in need, instead of offering corporate Christmas gifts. Crédit Agricole Life supported the association “Floga” who offers medical, psychological and social care to children with cancer and to their families. Support was also given to Chatzikiriakio Institution of Children’s Care, which 100 years now offers home, care, psychological support and education to orphanage and poor young girls. An amount was also given for the financial support of the Social Markets which were established by Marinopoulos Group in co-operation with the municipality of Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki. Each of these Social Markets supports 400 families every year and offers consumer goods in very low prices.