Pension Solutions

Schediazo Syntaxi Egiimena (planning with guarantee):

Savings – Pension program with guaranteed interest rate

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What are the benefits to you ?
  • guaranteed yield plus extra return by potential annual profit sharing
  • flexibility to reinforce the saving whenever you wish, by adjusting their level and frequency (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually) along with the possibility for extra payments
  • adjustment of the duration up to 40 years to “fit” your needs
  • pre-fixed annual premium indexation 3% or upon your choice at 5% or 7%, to protect against inflation
  • capability to terminate payments and re-activate the contract whenever you wish after the first year
  • possibility of early liquidation (partial or total) after the first year
  • loyalty reward for the longer you stay with the program
  • insurance protection due to illness or accident: in case of loss of life, beneficiaries receive the capital and the accumulated yields. In case of total permanent disability (*), we undertake the continuation of your savings till maturity, and you also receive a lumpsum of €10.000  
  • know-how and expertise by Crédit Agricole Group


* the cover is not valid if the contracting party is a legal entity - company

What will savings in Schediazo Syntaxi Egiimena provide you at maturity ?
Starting Age

Duration (in years)

Monthly payments

Guaranteed acc. lumpsum

Indicative acc. lumpsum* with 4,5% yield





















* the above examples have been calculated with an annual premium indexation 3%


How can you pay for your premiums ?

  • By direct debit of your bank account at Alpha Bank
  • By credit card installments


Former pension programs

Smile Pension, Smile Pension Express &  InvestLife Vima Vima

For the owners of a policy in force in the particular programs the terms and conditions remain as they are till the maturity of each policy.